Maura Biamonti

With her origins in a small village in Northern Italy, Maura Biamonti passed her childhood in close contact with nature. Her life then took a very clear direction toward the arts: dance, theater, photography. At the end of the 1980’s she began her research and creation of jewelry. From 1992 to 2010 she created in her Italian workshop. In 2010 she moved her work to Antibes on the French Riviera. In April 2011, she moved to nearby Biot, an artistic village, where she is today. Her experimentations in jewelry are founded in the natural textures, forms and colors of the metals she uses. Flora and architecture are the seeds of her inspiration.



About your work

I cannot describe my research, experiments and creations as “work”. It is too much a part of me. It solicits too much emotion and brings me too much joy to be called simply “work”. The passion I feel for my development in jewelry is closer to a game. And I can therefore say that I began “playing” nearly a half century ago. The foundation of my research is in my own interaction with nature where I find an inexhaustible source of emotion and poetry. When I play with textures, pigments, oxidations, and so on, I constantly aim at giving the basic metal an aspect not at all metallic. I associate stones and other natural and synthetic materials to create contrasts, contradictions and complicity. In my own way I play with nature. It’s not my work, it’s me.  

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